Leo’s Journal

June 15

Leo & FamilyHello my name is Leo and I am one of 10 boys. We were found by an older gentleman while we were floating in the Amazon.  After a 4 day journey and tumbling beak over beak, I found myself and brothers left on the doorstep at a house on Montford Drive.  My brothers and I were squeaking with joy as we saw a lady walk toward us or it could have been one of us squeaking from her stepping on one of my brothers as she hurried to the front door. We all followed her as she scurried about and realized that this would be the beginning of a new adventure for all of us. The lady seemed to be kind as she scooped my brothers and I up and gave us a squishy hug. We were put down and told that she was running late and needed to leave within 20 minutes for a meeting and we would be going also because she did not have anyone to care for us and feared we may get into mischief.

It was time to leave and I decided to take charge and round up the boys who had scattered about the house. Once we were gathered together the lady scooped us up again and we all tumbled into the front seat of her car and off we went as she barreled down the 405 fwy toward a city we heard her refer to as Irvine. She spoke to us as we traveled stressing respect and reverence during her meeting. I thought, what is she talking about those words are too big for me.

The Boys

After a short trip in her car, I would learn that I would be the only one she would take with her to her meeting. She instructed the boys to get some rest and we would be back shortly. She hid me from the view of the other big people that she greeted as she walked toward the big white building.

Once we were in the big building she started talking to her brothers and sisters. I couldn’t see who they were because I was stuck in a bag that the lady was caring.

I decided to peek out of the lady’s bag once she sat down and she opened the book she brought with her. All the big people were so quiet except for one man, who kept talking for nearly 30 minutes.

Everyone had books and were playing with their pages, so I thought I would jump in and play with pages also. This was such a new experience for me.

Leo Playing

Once the book was set down I jumped on an open page and found that if I moved my feet quickly the pages would turn much more quickly for the lady. I guess she couldn’t read that fast.

Back in the bag, I went and she told me she would have a serious talk with me later.

The lady’s meeting ended, she said good-bye to more brothers and sisters and I am trying to figure out how many she has. The boys had a nice uneventful rest in her car and were glad to see us return.

We all arrived back at her house and she told us that she was going to adopt all of us and she would give me the name of Leo.

We now have a home and a mother. We ended the evening with her reading us a bedtime story about monkeys jumping on the bed and little did she know how active her 10 new little sons would be.

5 thoughts on “Leo’s Journal

  1. A kick in the pants!! 🤣 If I didn’t know you better I’d say those duckies’ adopted mom needs help! 🙄 Keep having fun! Love it.👍🏼

    1. My mom occasionally tells her sons wake up stories . Yesterday it was about ducks waking up at
      the quack of dawn.

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