It has been two weeks since I made a journal entry and now all of us boys have names. I being the oldest, and mom’s favorite, sorry that isn’t true, and I take it back, was the only one that helped with the choosing.

Our mom gets up much earlier than we do every morning and as she was getting ready to wake us my brother Benny jumped from under the blanket and let out a loud squeak, which made our mother squeak also. Our mom’s squeak was not the same as Benny’s but much louder. Hurry boys she said, as we found out this would be our first day going to work with our mom.

As we arrived at work mom told us again about getting along with one another and not to pull each others feathers while she was in a meeting in another big room.


We started waddling around her office and then spotted a nice looking sofa. We all hopped up and noticed that another likeness might be hiding up there. Benny being curious decided to investigate and see exactly where the friend might be. He pecked and then the rest of the boys joined in. I tried to tell them to behave, but no one wanted to listen. Feathers were flying everywhere and a friend was not to be found. Our mom came back from her meeting and her feathers were riled up after she saw the mess in her office. Benny explained that he was looking for a friend in the square thing on the sofa, but the friend must have escaped and just left his feathers.

Mr. Kind Man called my mom the following day to check on us boys and mom told him about the challenges of raising 10 boys. He told her that help was on the way and should arrive by the end of the week. We were all so excited. Could it be a big brother that was coming?

The week went by quickly and we had a quackingly good time.

On Friday, as we pulled into the driveway, we spotted someone guarding our front door! As we approached, the likeness introduced himself as Mr. Sargent Three Stripes and he was here to help us.

Mr. Three Stripes
Mr. Three Stripes


Table Manners
Mr. Three Stripes teaching us table manners with mixed results.


Mr. Three Stripes looking on to see that we do our morning chore by feeding the Koi Fish.  Benny is at the waters edge and the dare devil.


Washing Car
Today is Saturday and our mother will take us on a new adventure to the Pacific Ocean, but we must first wash the family car without the help of Mr. Three Stripes. My brothers and I are such a big help. Benny is showing Levi, Cedd, Solo and Gabe how to avoid work by sliding down the window.


The chores are finished and we are off to the ocean.


surfing position
I am showing the boys a surf position…


benny surfing
…and Benny is off doing his own thing.

We arrived home after a full day of recreation at the beach and found beautiful photos on mom’s cell phone from Mr. Kind Man’s adventures and that made our day complete.

9 thoughts on “Ketchuping

  1. This could turn into something big – like a kids book. Ya think?!! I’m actually enjoying it 🙄👍🏼🤣

  2. I just read this to my 4 year old granddaughter & she was listening intently, laughing at the pictures & asked is there more stories?

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I am not a writer but have great compassion for all of mankind.

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